The Perks Of Being A Bum


There’s no denying that I have been a bum for over three years now and it’s very frustrating. When I graduated from college, I enrolled right away for a review program in preparation for the nursing licensure exam and fortunately, I passed the said examination in just one take. I was so happy of course and so were my parents until the reality slapped me in the face really hard. While I was in college, I was so excited to graduate and to be licensed so that I can work right away and be able to help my family but then when I graduated, it was when I realized that it wasn’t just that easy. At first I thought when you have your diploma, holding your degree as an armor/weapon everything will be easy for you but sadly, getting your degree is what I think the easiest thing to do because the life after school is the start of hardships.

Today, I am able to sent out three resumes online, I just hope that they’ll notice it. While browsing in the job portals, I couldn’t help to get pissed off while reading the qualifications of the job that I wanted to apply. They are all wanting someone who is experienced, must have at least 1 year of nursing experience blah blah blah. It is so tiring reading that same line over and over again. How can we be able to get experience when they don’t give us a chance to have that experience. It’s so unfortunate for us especially at this time of year where in few months another batch of fresh graduates and newly licensed nurses will emerge. We are getting dump. Again. Add in the fact that in September my license is going expire, so I have to renew it soon and it is just a shame renewing it without even using it. It has just become an accessory to my wallet.

Right now, I am actually contemplating about getting a short-course program, it’ll be like my alternative. I am thinking of taking up Medical Transcription or be a sonographer/rad tech (which I am still researching). In Medical Transciption, I know I wouldn’t earn much but what I am really after is that when you have at least a year of experience being a medical transcriptionist, you can have a chance to be able to work from home which I think is so beneficial for me because that would only mean I can get another job like I can be a full time nurse and a full time medical transcriptionist as well at the same time. If I still cannot land a job until the end of August, there’s a great chance that I’ll enroll in Medical Transcription.

Oh well, I hope the odds will ever be in my favor.


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