It’s already 6 o’clock in the morning here and I have no sleep yet because I’m nocturnal. Hurray for insomniacs who might have forgotten how it feels to be able to sleep on time. Obviously, I couldn’t sleep even the 30 minute workout that I did failed to do its magic on me this time. Maybe I’m thinking too much again .. about everything, my life in particular. I hate moments like that because it always succeed in making me awake all night.

Anyway, since I couldn’t sleep at all I just decided to job hunt online and luckily I’ve found two entries in the two sites where I usually check that I think I qualify but I wasn’t able to apply for it yet, I’ll do it later in the computer. While browsing I read an entry there that is hiring for a 2D echo technician, right then and there I felt a sudden jealousy and piss that I couldn’t apply to it simply because I’m not licensed to do it. Yes, I almost have all the qualifications they need except that I’m not licensed, too bad. Then I searced on google as to where can I have the training in order to be a licensed 2D echo technician, I’ve found one near my place but when I read about the cost for the training it broke my heart. It’s too expensive, it’s worth like our 4 months pay for rent. See? I cannot burden my parents with that. I just didn’t expected it to be that much.

While still googling for cheaper training centers, I stumbled upon the website of the hospital where my mom usually goes for her check-ups and look up at the career section and there I read that they’re in need of ER Nurse Encoder and my eyes literally went wide. The duties mainly is to help in encoding patients information and will also help in triaging. It’s not really a staff nurse job but in the qualifications they want someone who is a registered/licensed nurse and a licensed IV therapist and again it ignited a little hope in me. Yey! Maybe later I’ll call in that hospital to confirm whether the position is still open which I really hope it is *cross fingers*.

I also have to prepare the documents needed in getting a passport. I’m scheduled to apply for mine on tuesday so I have to photocopy all the documents needed and print the application/appointment form.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I realized that I have plenty of plans for next week. I have to apply for my passport, go to the Philippine Red Cross chapter near my place and inquire about volunteering and blood donation, go to that hospital I’m talking about earlier to submit my application if the position is still open and also do more job hunting.

I badly need work. My high school friends are planning to have a weekend out of town vacation on June and I need money to be able to come with them and I so so so love to come because it has been over a year since the last time that I have been with them. Oh my how I wish I can have the luck this time with regards to landing a job. We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. I have to admit, it is difficult to land a job but perseverance and patience got me though. Just keep the faith and be positive, always. Good luck and I hope you land that job soon! Show them what you are made of! 😉


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