Happy Night

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I just got home from hanging out with my friends. And of course what can you expect to have when you’re around with friends but laughing so hard. That was all we did the three hours that I’ve been with them.

It was a short notice that was why I arrived at the mall at 9pm while they have already enjoyed more than a couple of hours in karaoke, which is one of our favorite hangout activity since college. When I saw them in one of the booth, my eyes lit up with excitement, ran to them and hugged them while saying I miss you numerous times. It has been a long time since the last time we’ve hangout, it has been almost three months. See?

We stayed at the karaoke for more or less 40 minutes to finish the last 7 songs while also waiting for our two other friends. When they arrived and the songs were finished we then head out to the nearby small park/field, one of our favorite hangout spot since college. The place has improved so much so we couldn’t help on reminiscing of how it looked back in the day and the things that we used to do in there.

We used to pluck out the grasses in there, creating big bald spots and piling the grasses on a side, creating a mountain of it. Maybe that was the reason why they have closed down the field for a while.

Basically, we just sit there in a circle with lots and lots of junk foods, sodas, and fast foods in the middle (like a picnic) while indulging ourselves with stories and laughter that causes our stomach aches and some are even rolling on the ground. Yeah, we laugh too much that you can hear burping and farting at times that will eventually makes us laugh even more. Sounds gross but that happens. We laugh until our cheeks hurt and our laughter will sound like a whisper that we can barely hear it. And that was what we all did earlier. Happy times it is indeed.

The field closed at 12 am and so we went home. I really had a blast. That kind of times doesn’t happen very often nowadays as most of my friends are really busy with their jobs, I’m the only bum actually.

And speaking of being a bum, a classmate messaged me on facebook  asking if I want a job because a friend of hers is seeking a nurse and of course I said yes. To be honest, the job isn’t really promising though I like the fact that it is a 5-day work, 2 days off, 8 hours a day duty and I will be a psychiatric nurse but the salary is too small really and it’s kind of far from my house. It is a psychiatric and rehab facility but in a home care setting. I’m thinking to whether or not to apply for the said job but my mind says I should and that this is not a time to be choosy. The salary may be little but the experience I can gain will be really beneficial for me. For now, I am convinced that if I can last at least 6 months in that job then maybe I can resign and apply to a hospital. That’s the plan. So I think I have no choice.

I think I’ll just apply for the job then and if I got it then so be it, I’ll work hard it’ll be much better than doing nothing and/or work in a call center which is totally not related to my degree. It can also serve as my review in preparation to be a hospital nurse.

What do you think??


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