Getting My Head Back In The Game.

Today is the day. Not tomorrow or the day after, it should be now. In the past weeks, I couldn’t deny that I have been hiding in to my excuses to not do the things that I need to do. I’m avoiding my problems, I’m running away from them, only to realized that the problems will always be there unless you face it, confront it and solve it, that’s the only way for it to end. But then again problems and challenges are never ending, they will keep on coming, another one may arise as soon as you got through the other, and that is why it is better to lessen them than pile them up which is going to be much tougher and difficult.

I admit my life is such a total mess right now, dealing with variety of issues that I need to overcome. Right after I finished college, it felt like I was caught in a dead end. I couldn’t find which way to go. And now that I have wasted a considerable amount of time already, I might as well get back up, gather myself and start looking for traces and clues of the path that I should be taking. I know it wouldn’t happen with just a snap of a finger, baby steps and taking one step at a time still applies. I know I need to fix myself first before I can fix a much broader and deeper part of my life and that is exactly what I intend to do right now.

With that I have created this NOTES TO MYSELF: to serve as my constant reminder whenever I am getting overwhelmed with the situation and also to serve as my motivation and inspiration to keep me going and not give up.

  • Go out more often and explore the world. I am a definite homebody. I can survive without going out for days, weeks, or even months. When I go out, there’s only one place I go to. I’m afraid to go somewhere else as to maybe I’ll get lost or something considering that I can get lost very easily.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and explore your options.  Don’t be glued to whatever it is that you think you only know. We are entitled to try and discover as many things as we can to be able to learn, understand and grow.
  • Stop worrying about what other people may say to you. Do whatever you want and/or need to do without having to care so much about the opinions of other people, as long as you’re not doing anything wrong or bad then I don’t find any problems with that. There really is nothing to worry about. Just let them be, let them babble until they get tired of themselves.
  • Don’t let shyness take away opportunities from you. If something comes, grab it. Work for it. Don’t over think. Don’t over rationalize things. (As a very shy person, this is a very big challenge for me.)
  • Be confident. Always. Because nowadays, confidence may also looked at/interpreted as strength. Confident people survives.

I’m an adult now, so I better act and think like one. I don’t know what but I feel like I have gain a lot of hope and courage by typing this up. I hope it’ll stay with me from now on. Good luck to me and/or to us (whoever reading this) and let’s conquer this crazy crazy world.


One thought on “Getting My Head Back In The Game.

  1. Sometimes even writing things down takes a lot of courage. I send positive thoughts your way. Thank you for including my post on “Posts I Like.” I really appreciate your support.


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