Last Week’s Recap

Good afternoon beautiful people of the world! It is a gorgeous gloomy afternoon here today. And did I mention that it’s still very hot? Oh yes, with that I am so looking forward for the rainy season which undeniably fast approaching. I like summer but it’s the heat I dislike. I just can’t tolerate too much heat.

It has been over a week that I haven’t posted anything. So let me share with you guys what have I been up to the last week.

First off, my brothers were back to school on Monday and spent most of that day with headache, same with my mom, as we were bombarded with my brothers’ demands about their school needs and stuff. Good thing I also have this,
Bots6-bIcAEpfIAI scored this books later last week from Booksale for a cheap price, PHP 150 only, around $3.50. Cool, right? I originally picked up 4 or 5 books for that price until I found The Distant Echo which got me intrigued so I have to trade it from the other books. I really had a good time digging for books in that store and was even ecstatic when I found a book that cost only PHP 5 ($0.11), awesome I know. For a bum like me who doesn’t have an income to support her luxuries (yes, books are one of my luxuries), a bookstore like Booksale is really a great find. Instead of spending at least $8 for a single new book, why not get a whole lot more in a thrift bookstore as I call it, you just need patience to browse and dig into the stacks of second hand books (which I found so enjoyable) and you never know what you can find.

I started reading Erica Spindler’s Dead Run the very same day I got it, just read a couple of pages and I was hooked. I couldn’t put down the book. It was hard to put it down. I’m actually due to make a review about it, so watch out for it.

Tuesday was spent fixing for more brotherly/their school stuff. More cups of coffee and non-stop replay of the Dead Run scenes that I had in my head while reading. Tuesday night was Hawaii Five-0 night. Is it sinking in you that I am really into and addicted to crime books and shows?

Wednesday‘s agenda was this,

passportfinally I’ve got my very own passport. This was long due, I’ve always wanted to get one the past years but it was just last month that I’ve found the courage and effort to really get it. Fortunately, it wasn’t really hard. One of the reason why I keep on delaying to get one before was that I was always taken aback whenever I hear comments or stories about instances where someone couldn’t get a passport for various reasons like incomplete documents and stuff. Lucky me, it was a smooth and quick process for me. Yey! Wednesday is probably my most favorite day of week. Why? Simply because wednesday night is Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) night! I told you I’m a crime genre sucker and CSI is my most favorite of them all.

Thursday was spent for another long due agenda. I spent the whole morning sleeping and woke up at 12:30 in the afternoon. That’s how I roll people. I planned the day for blood donation and sure a friend and I went to the nearest red cross branch in our area. But sadly, I was rejected to donate blood because of low weight. The doctor said the minimum weight should be 115 pounds and I was just 111 pounds. My friend was rejected also because she had a minor operation last April. To let out our frustrations, we did Insanity workout when we got home that totally kicked out butts.

Friday and the rest of the week was spent for job hunting. Again. I have dig in a number of job sites, sent out a number of resumes and no one responded, no one called. How cool was that? I feel like I’m gonna explode because of too much frustration with this job hunting but that will definitely not stop me from keep on trying until I land a job.

How about you, how was you week? Have you gone out for the weekend? ‘Cause I definitely didn’t and just stayed at home with job sites in front of me.


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