My Stress-Relieving Activities

Stressed. Messed up. This is where I am right now with all the frustrations about my personal life and job hunting and many stuff. And I need a break for myself’s sake! So that I can be able to think better later.

And taking a break means doing my stress-relieving activities. Allow me to share to you what works for me:

1. I go out. Alone. I need a me time. I usually go to the mall and just do my thing in there, window shopping, buying my essentials, chilling in a coffee/tea shop and spending most of my time in a bookstore (my favorite). I go to all of the bookstores in the mall. Yeah it sounds tiring  but whenever I’m there, there’s not even a speck of my problematic thoughts comes in mind. And that’s want I want. At least for the mean time. You may never know what a book can give you.

2. If I can’t go out, well, I just do the usual old trick. All I need are a good cup of coffee/tea and a good book. Or if I’m not in the mood for reading, I’ll just watch my favorite tv shows instead. I’m obsessed with crime shows (CSI and Hawaii Five-O are at the top of the list) and travel and cooking shows. 

3. Hanging out with friends. Need I say more? It’s not just for the good and enjoyable time they can give you, if you are comfortable of sharing your situation to them, do so. You don’t have to be alone in your problems. Remember the saying “No man is an island.”

4. I run, my most favorite thing at this moment. For me, it’s an effective stress-relieving activity, at least for me. That’s actually how I have sorted out some of my concerns and I am so happy with that. As we all know, exercising is healthy for the body and also for the mind. So yeah, you can never go wrong in dedicating some time to run. 

5. Going to church. I’m not really a religious person but I have to say attending a mass on a Sunday never fails to calm my nerves. I don’t know what’s with churches but whenever I’m there, I feel secured. I feel protected. I feel safe. Dramatic, right? But that’s really how I feel. And talking to Him, someone who will never judge you and whom you can be your 100% self, is such a great feeling and a great help for someone like me who prefers to keep my problems with myself.

That’s what I do when things are suffocating me. It may not work for others but that’s how I do it, my way of calming my inner storm. How about you, what do you do to have a break from your stresses?


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