Annoyed by a person’s twisted reasoning.

I am beyond annoyed right now. If I cannot hold up with my patience there’s a great chance that I’m going to transform into an insanely mad woman. I couldn’t even fathom how dysfunctional his mind is or if it is really functional because if it is, I tell you it’s working in a very very weird way.

I don’t remember how we got into the topic but it was about him playing girls or should I say accessorizing girls. Who is this guys I’m talking about, you wonder? Well, he is a 16-year old teenager who happened to be my super super annoying brother. He always brag about him having multiple girlfriends at the same time and not really taking any of them seriously, “I’m just playing them.” As he said. “All girls are just my display, my accessory.” That words really made my blood boil and caused a sudden shift in my mood. I may have not reacted to that but inside my head, this happened:

tumblr_ms3vhgLxxj1qh0pnto1_400That comment irritates me pretty badly like what in the world was he talking about?! I was about to curse him but my mom talked and said “So does it mean that me and your big sister are also just for display? Does it mean that your dad is just fooling me and I’m just his display?” From the way she sounded, I know she was hurt too. It hurts like hell! Coming from the mouth of your son/brother. I felt terrible and just controlled my rage. We were eating when that happened and lost my appetite. He didn’t said anything to that, maybe it hit him. I remember trying to tell him things and explaining my side but all I got were ‘make faces’ from him, devilish (I mean super annoying) grin and laugh. Even my mom told him her thoughts and opinions and she got the same.

What I understand in his sentiments is that, he’s been doing it since he was gotten hurt when he was in 6th grade. His girlfriend fooled him and broke up with him. I even saw him crying in his room a number of times and when I told my mom, she talked to him. I thought he was okay then but now I think he’s still consumed by hurt and anger from that experience. I have concluded that when my mom asked him why he’s doing it, and my other younger brother jokingly answered “Because his first girlfriend broke up with him.” and he added “That’s maybe why.” then another answer from my mom saying “So you’re taking revenge on girls, on innocent girls who doesn’t have anything to do with that experience?” I just can’t take it anymore and walked out to cool myself off. I just couldn’t believe him. I’m actually still in shock at this moment. Now, I  literally know how tiring it is to argue with a closed-minded person.


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