Miracle In Cell No. 7

It is a 2013 Korean movie about a touching story of a father and a daughter. At first it kind of reminded me of the American movie I Am Sam, the theme looked the same and the story have pretty much similarity but in my opinion they are very different as well.

I love watching Korean variety shows as it never fails to entertain me in fact, I have several favorite shows that I cannot afford to miss, but I seldom watch Korean movies. But this certain movie was all over the Facebook, it has been in newsfeed for weeks already, others have watched it for multiple times and all of them who watched have one comment in common, it is touching and it made them cry, a lot. Then last night, I had nothing to do, I even attempted to post here but I couldn’t think of any decent topic to put up, and since I got really curious I have tried to look for it in Youtube and sure it was there.

I swear, I have never cried that hard and long ever over a movie. Sure I cried over to a number of movies like Hachiko but men, Miracle In Cell No. 7 made me cry like it really happened to me, like I was the one in the movie. I was bawling my eyes out, my tears were literally unstoppable and I even ended up with runny nose. You know that normal thing when you are crying really hard. Even though the movie was long over, I still couldn’t get over it. I was still crying. I went to bed with red, puffy, swollen eyes like I just had cried over a terrible terrible break-up which hurt so bad. I even woke up today with still swollen eyes. Can you get the image now of how much I cried last night?

It was a great movie. A must-watch. I recommended it to my mom but she refused to watch it saying that she doesn’t like sad stories. I must’ve not told her about how can it make you cry but still it is a brilliant brilliant movie to watch.


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