Frustrated more than ever…

Isn’t it so tiring to wake up every day knowing at the very moment you opened your eyes that you’re only gonna do what you have done yesterday and the other day and the other week and the other month? Yes, I grew tired of my routine. I wake up late, usually around 2 pm, eat my meal, have some coffee/tea, watch television until dawn and sleep usually around 3 or 4 am and repeat all the next day and so on. I know, you’re probably be sighing right now.

I’m turning 23 in September yet I’m still the same just like when I was 19, when I graduated college. Since then I haven’t done anything really aside from the routine I listed above. See? It’s been too long right? You do the math. Who wouldn’t get sick and tired of that? While my friends are all busy working and doing everything they can to better themselves. I’m surrounded with optimistic and risk taker people but I don’t know what it is really with me that I couldn’t do that myself. Scared, maybe? Career wise, I am aware that I am so behind them and they are a handful of steps ahead of me.

The past few days, I’ve been thinking really hard about what do I do with my life. I’m desperate for change right now, I’m craving it. Can you say that I want it really bad? Because I do. Only 23 but I’m already experiencing quarter life crisis. I have a lot going in my mind right now. I really wish and hope that I can sort this all out. I’ll end this post by sharing what my friends always tells me “Keep the faith, keep praying and in no time things will fall into their right places.” Never give up. Just hang in there.


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