Late Night Realizations

I couldn’t sleep last night (what’s new?) because my mind just couldn’t relax, it was all over the place. I really had a lot going on in this head of mine but the good thing about it is, it made me reflect about my life. It made me think about the things I’ve done, the things I’ve accomplished, the opportunities and time I’ve wasted, and also the possible things that are waiting for me in the future.

If I don’t want my mom to go abroad to work then I need to act fast. No time bumming around which is definitely where I’m good at. I know that. I need to take my life seriously from now on. I need to grow up. No more turning back. Shyness shouldn’t be an issue, it shouldn’t hold me back from taking the opportunities that I more than know that I can take and handle. It’s time to be independent. It’s time for me to step it up and not be afraid of taking risksIt’s time to rediscover myself.

I believe that in reality, intelligence isn’t enough, you should also be a risk-taker, resourceful and systematic. Be good at always thinking of different ways to do things. I think by doing so, we’ll survive. If there are things that you can do right now, do it.

Honestly right now, I feel like I’m chasing time. As the eldest child in the family, my responsibilities are getting bigger and bigger as time goes by and my parents aren’t getting any younger. So it’s like a matter of now or never, do it now or never do it all. I’ve got a handful of goals that I set out for this month. If not all, I hope I can cross out most of it.

I’m hopeful really that’s why I’m wishing myself the best of luck. ^^


5 thoughts on “Late Night Realizations

  1. I’ve been doing that too. I’ve met quite a few. Once you do one it will make it easier to do the next and then you will realize that they were just molehills that your mind made into mountains. I still have to keep reminding myself to push past my comfort zone. 🙂 What is something you’ve wanted to do but feel you can’t? Mine was run a 5k.


    1. Oh yes I have to agree with that. Molehills they are in deed. 😀 Getting out of my comfort zone, that’s one of the things that I’m trying to work out right now. Wow, its one of my dream too to participate in a marathon especially if it’s for a cause but right now I’m focusing on landing a job. Once I did, I know everything will follow. Just like what the old saying says “Beginning is always the hardest.”


      1. I’m doing it.the opposite way hahaha. Volunteering and doing 5ks etc in the hopes it will give me confidence and also connections and bonus is that they are for good causes.
        I am hoping it will open doors for me and if nothing else it is a good way to spend my time until I get a job.
        How’s it going for you?


      2. Confidence is what I need too. o.0 Good thing that I have a friend, I’ve been friends with her since freshman college, and I really look up to her as my big sister. Right now, she’s helping me though I didn’t ask her too but it’s also undeniable that she’s got so many contacts and just this day she referred me to a friend of her who is looking for a reliever nurse. I’m scheduled for an interview and endorsement on monday. 🙂 It’s turning out pretty well this time.


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