(Not) Just Like Any Other Week

I couldn’t say that nothing interesting happened this week because there were a few actually. Tuesday was the most thrilling day of this week. Why? Because aside from finally making a twitter account, this happened:


See? Who wouldn’t be delighted with that? I’m still blushing whenever I remember about that. I just can’t believe. Really. I just can’t. It was when I posted my review for Erica Spindler’s Dead Run. I was ecstatic when I opened my twitter and saw those. She made my night. I will be putting my twitter timeline in my page just in case you would want to follow me.

Last week, I have been out for 3 days and 2 nights for a training but then I didn’t sign the contract for personal reasons. I just felt like that job wasn’t for me so I turned it down. So yeah, my friends went on and yesterday was their first day on the job.

After turning that offer down, I was scheduled for an interview this last thursday, on tuesday night I emailed the company asking for a reschedule because we were expecting a typhoon on thursday so I know I couldn’t make it. You know how typhoons are here in the Philippines, there will be strong winds, pouring rain, flash floods and even landslide. Hello typhoon season! I’ve waited for a reply but I received none so I thought they were really not that interested in me.

Thursday, as expected typhoon Glenda came with rage. It was nothing like Yolanda (Haiyan) but it was still a pretty scary one because though it didn’t have a lot of rain but it brought a lot of strong winds. It teared the roofs from the houses, trees tumbled down and it even threw people out of their feet. We spent the whole day without electricity. We just stayed in the house and did everything we can to kill the boredom. I tried to read but I couldn’t, it was hard to see, no lights remember but I ended up eating the whole day while playing cards with my brothers. That’s how we killed Glenda and survived.

Friday, I woke up seeing the news that Glenda was already out of the country but then they were monitoring another tropical depression that had a big chance of entering us again, and he was named as Henry. I heard at the forecast that Henry will go the same track as to those of Glenda so I made fun of them saying aloud that they were like a couple, lovers yeah. Henry was chasing Glenda. How ’bout that? And now, I lost track of Henry. I couldn’t watch news as my brothers always have the remote, if not them, dad has it. Anyway, I have started reading another book which was:



I’m already half way through that and so far so good. Do I have to remind you that I like love crime books and shows though this is just my second crime book ever read?

Today, has been a really gloomy day. I’m eating non-stop. I’m on my second steaming mug of black coffee and  just downed two sweet potatoes. Then in about an hour it’ll be dinner time and after, I’ll regret eating everything. I can now feel and see the result of a week of eating just anything I can eat without thinking, add in the fact that I have been really inactive (just laying in the bed and sitting in the couch). My belly says it all. As far as I can remember, I barely even broke a sweat this week. I know I should get back to running and to  my way of working out, yes I’m talking about Insanity. I really want to complete that workout so badly but I always stop after the third day. Okay, you can laugh at me at that because I am laughing at myself too right now. Oh, poor me. I plan on going into running first before I engage myself again in Insanity, you know just to condition myself again.

Okay, I’ll stop right here because I know I have babbled so much. Have a lovely day lovelies! And be safe always.


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