The Bucket List: Dream Places

Bye bye procrastination! At least for now though because I’m already typing this up, yay! This post has been long over due and I just badly wanted to scratch this off of my to-do list. As the title say, I created this The Bucket List series listing things that I dream of having or doing.

First up, allow me to share to you my top places that I dream of seeing with my own two eyes.

1. London

2 1


Can’t you tell by my screensaver? Yes, this is at the top of my list because aside from dreaming of going to this place ever since I was little, I am also very very in love with the british accent. I find it sexy and classy in a way. I even had a dream of a white man with a london’s flag waving in the background. Weird, right?

2. Canada

3This is another place where I dream of settling down. Whenever I hear of Canada, the images of gorgeous nature/views and clean environment comes to mind and I don’t really know why is that. Maybe because I consider myself as a nature gal. I find peace and solace whenever I’m surrounded with trees, flowers and waters. I love outdoors.

3. Vatican City

Vatican cityAs a Catholic, this place has a deep meaning to us and one of the top places for pilgrimage. I dream of going not just here but explore the whole Rome actually and I want to go there together with my mom because it is also one of her all time dream. Of course, we also want to see the architectures, museums and arts which we all know Rome has a lot.

4. USA

New York statue de la Libertép914654640-3Who wouldn’t love to experience the American culture? I also dream of settling down here. I’ve got a friend who migrated in California and she’s loving it. I think adjusting and adapting to their way of life wouldn’t be that hard because hey, Philippines is considered to be the most Americanalized country in Asia so yeah maybe that explains it. I want to experience many things in here.

5. Japan

japan-destinationMy mom and I are such big japanese food fans. We love sushi. I am also in love with their language that I have even tried to learn it and I don’t remember why I stopped. They’ve got temples and shrines which really interest me and of course they also have lovely nature.

6. Korea

af3f8afee375dee7_korean_food_primer_main.previewI am a sucker for their variety shows, I don’t know what’s with them but I mostly enjoy watching them. Some of my favorites are The Return of Superman, 2 Days 1 Night and The Human Condition. I also like watching some of their romantic comedy and drama shows which have grown pretty well here and referred to it as Koreanovelas. I also like to try and taste their foods and of course, they’ve also got beautiful views of nature.

There’s more but that’s enough for now. ^^


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