An Imaginary Man

Him. Oh him. His curly tousled brown hair together with his set of gorgeous brown eyes and his thin lips, oh how I’m dazzled. His broad shoulder together with his strong muscled arms, oh how I wish they are wrap around me. Oh how I love to hear my name the way he says it with his cold melodic voice which I wish to never stop sing songs for me considering how cute he looks every time he plays with his guitar. His wit, oh how I adore it so much and his humor, oh how he makes me laugh so hard until my tummy aches. He’s tall, oh how he loves getting everything out of my reach and tease me for being dwarf. He’s thoughtful, caring, loving and oh he’s just everything.

Oh, how much I like him. No! I love him.

I so much love him that it pains me.

It pains me every time I remember that I just created him. Yes, I just created him out of my imagination. I created a man in my mind. An imaginary man.


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