Being Cautious or Being Paranoid

There was this very random incident that I had last Sunday that have kind of pulled me into thinking.

So what happened was I accompanied my youngest brother and a friend that Sunday night to a mall near our place. When we got there we went straight to the bookstore to buy his project and some of his needed school supplies. We also browsed through books since the bookstore had sale but ended up not getting any books because it wasn’t in our budget. We then went to check some phone cases at the gadget stores and also checked some clothes and stuff in the department store. I then dragged him into the supermarket to check some ingredients that I may need for future baking.

We have been in the mall for almost an hour and my lazy brother have already pulling me into the McDonald’s to buy him a large french fries. As I was buying the french fries, I told them to get in line in the jeepney for our ride home and that I would just meet them there. Then when I got out of the McDonald’s, I pulled some fries and stuffed it in my hungry mouth when I heard someone calling from behind.

I involuntarily turned to the voice and was greeted by a guy maybe about my age. At first I thought and I expected that he would just ask for the time but when I heard a specific place I thought he would ask for direction on how to get there so I turned my head from side to side telling him I don’t know. As he continued to speak and he was even teary eyed and really was on the verge of crying when he said he lost his wallet and that he had nothing on him for him to get home then he asked me if I could help him by giving him some money.

Right then and there, I was debating with myself if I should give him money or not because to be honest, I was pretty convinced by him but then the news on the television and the articles in the internet I’ve watched and read flashed in my mind. There are just to many modus operandi nowadays that the criminals do, I am not accusing him of being a criminal, I just really wanted to be cautious. I thought to myself that I had extra money in my wallet and some of my cards and ID’s were in there,  what if I brought it out and he’ll just snatched it on me? So I checked my pockets for some money or coins but it has nothing. I just told him then that my money left was just enough for our fare home and that I have used my money from buying french fries. Luckily, he didn’t pushed on asking money from me. I said sorry and left but it left me feeling guilty.

That little incident may be shallow or just nothing for some people but for me it made me feel curios and guilty at the same time, I wonder what happened to him. Did he get home? What if I had just given him some of my extra money? And every time I remember that, I couldn’t help thinking that I am kind of a bad person for that. The news and articles scares me, bad people scares me.

Was I just being cautious or was I just being paranoid?


2 thoughts on “Being Cautious or Being Paranoid

  1. You were being wise. And it’s not like you did nothing. You checked your pockets for money. But you are right, if you would have pulled out your wallet you risk him taking it. We used to get these kind of guys by our old church all the time. Always wanting money for bus fare. And there was always a story. Ask yourself, if someone stole your wallet would you be asking strangers for money or would you try to for police or go to a store to report it…. At least to get help from authority? You were being wise and protecting yourself…. No need to feel guilty 🙂


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