The Flawed Family

My father is flawed. My mother is flawed. Does that mean that we, the children, are flawed too? What a senseless question right? We’re just humans too; of course, we’re also flawed in many ways and reasons. Nobody is perfect.

Father has tripped and fell into the temptations even though he knew that he already have responsibilities, obligations and commitments to us. He tried his best to hide it but there’s really no secret that you can keep forever; so it was spilled. Mother have been pretty devastated, she had been a mess. Bawling her eyes out every day, no appetite for food, just not in the mood for everything and everyone, and preferred to be cooped up in the darkness of her room.

 It pained me seeing my brothers awaked from their sweet slumber and instantly cried that moment when our parents fought, not really minding if we could hear them. It was a shock for me and my brothers. There was a bang on the floor, seemed like something was thrown then there was the sound of a mirror breaking, seemed like someone punched it. But I couldn’t act recklessly, I couldn’t even let myself cry, I’ve got younger ones to mind and console. The crying went loud and uncontrollable, so I dragged them down the stairs, we stayed in the living room with me trying to comfort them but it was all too much to them, to me. The third brother ran up banging and begged them to open the door and to stop fighting. Then the door opened, they told him to go back to his room. The brother begged them again to stop fighting. Holding the hands of my other three brothers and pulling the third one, we all went to their room. They were asking me questions that I had no idea how to answer but maybe because of the exhaustion from all the crying, they feel back to sleep.

 I couldn’t contain my emotion, so I went outside the house and sat in the curb. The darkness and stillness of the late night made it even harder for me not to cry. My chest was about to explode, I was angry. Then the door opened and father came out carrying a bag. He saw me and told me to go inside, and he disappeared into the night.

That was just the start of the whirlwind emotions for me and the chaos in my flawed family.

Though still together, father continued what he did and mother moved on and sought solace from other people and even found happiness from them. Slowly we were losing them; they have paid attention to us less and less. Their time was mostly spent to the other people, which pained me even more and hated them even more.

Now, the brothers grew up, not 100 percent so nicely thoough. Second brother have cut classes, took the money for his tuition fee, tried marijuana, dropped out of school and ran away from home but fortunately, found his way back to us and came back more mature and is making effort to straighten his path. Third brother talks back to mother and even curses her, childish and immature, loves to come home very late or not come home at all, playing girls and brusque. In short, he’s still in the process of rebellion and the most hard-headed of all. Fourth brother have also loves to cut class, easily influenced by others, naughty, doesn’t like school, and on the verge into rebellion. Youngest brother is the well-behaved among the four and the one, who still listen to the parents and me, need a lot of guidance so he doesn’t end up like his older brothers and I’m trying my best in that aspect since parents couldn’t really pay attention to that.

I was hurt and still am hurting. Every day, parents are giving me new reasons to despise them though I know it is wrong but it is something that I really couldn’t help. They’re the ones who are provoking me to feel such a thing for them. The sacrifices I make are mainly for the brothers because of all people, it’s me who completely knows and understands what they’re going through and of course, the pain that they’re enduring. I was also tempted countless of times to rebel but ended up not doing it at all and yes, for the sake of the brothers. It feels like, if they lose me, who else do they have?

There are a lot of things and details left out in this story. I don’t know if the deep wounds in my heart will ever heal but I will still keep on wishing for it though it may mean leaving ugly scars in it. This is just one thing of showing how flawed my family is. How flawed is yours?


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