Brain Dump: Contemplating My Options …

I have to say that the new year have brought me new hope in my life right now. I say enough of the old me (she’s history) and welcome the (hopefully) better and improved me. This year I want to take risks but we all know that fear and risk comes hand in hand.

All I want right now is to be independent. I am already 23 years but still have no job and still living with my family. I am in this stage of my life wherein I want to test and explore my limits and capabilities. I also want to see how will I live my life with my own decisions and  actions, simply living just depending with myself. It’s not that I want to leave my family and friends or abandon them, that will never happen. I just want to be able to grow and learn in some things with my own means.

Right now, I am considering moving to a new city quite far from here. You know, new place, new people, new start. The good thing is that my mom supports me in this, she’s okay with it just because I have an aunt living in that city who can assist me if even I need help and can lookout for me while I’m starting there. The bad thing is that getting there alone sounds scary to me. So it’s like here I am again, scared and that’s the old me really, fear hinders me from moving forward and that’s not what I want.

Then I remember a friend of mine, she’s a friend since high school and she’s pretty much in the same phase as I am. So I kind of invited her if she wants to come with me in that new city where we can start over with our lives together and honestly, that really excites and thrills me so much. She said she’d love to but she still needs to talk to her dad.

For now, if I really want to pursue moving into that new city my options are waiting for my friend’s decision or bravely face the fear and challenges of going there alone. The latter just made the hairs in arms stand up, it’s that scary for  me. What do you think? What should I do?


5 thoughts on “Brain Dump: Contemplating My Options …

  1. The tattoo I want to get is a line from a song by awolnation… Never let your fear decide your fate… Keep doing whatever scares you. The more you do it, the less scary it is… You can do it!!!


  2. Move out..fall..get hurt..fall again..screw the girl who left you (frankly speaking she is least bother whether you aunty lives or your security…and about your new friend..dont worry..once you will learn to catch hands..make friends too..keep rocking:)


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