iv. My Life’s Drive

Minolta DSC
This picture was the inspiration for this poem, which was a collaboration with my dear friend. The italized parts were his words and the rest were mine. Enjoy!

My being had all begun
When my parents first heard me sang
The song created from a little voice
A composer that they could rejoice

My existence had made its sense
When I met him near my fence
Since then, I had indulged myself with his scent
Made me realized what happiness really meant

I keep bouncing up and down,
You keep catching me when I fall into a masked frown
Then you lighten it by becoming a masked clown

My heart had gone tachycardic
When I saw he had gone panicked
For the fruit of our love, for our little sprout
From my stomach was about to come out

Then my world had been completed
Couldn’t asked for more, I was contented
When I saw our little man first got on his feet
One afternoon in the summer sweet

My life’s precious gift
I’m old yet my spirit is strong
I feel like I’m not alone
For you came along

Many hardships had passed
For it has no reason to last
Yes, overcoming it had been tough
For these road of ours had also been rough

Those days have passed
Because time runs fast
Though life’s end is near
I keep strong for you are here

Journey always has its beginning
For I am nearing my ending
Dirt may eat me and turn me into a chyme
But at least I know all of it had worth my time

You’re my pride
You’re my glory
I have your back,
You had mine

Together we survive
In this journey we called life.

A Collaboration.


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