Something’s wrong ..

I am not feeling so well right now, I am actually feeling so sick. I have been having this annoying dizziness for five days straight. It is sometimes accompanied by a throbbing headache. It occurs at anytime of day and the intensity usually varies, last thursday and friday was the worst. But last night, I was so dizzy and nauseous that I felt like I want to puke but nothing really came out and the same thing happened to me tonight.

I have already talk to my superior that I couldn’t come to work tomorrow ’cause I feel so sick. Thankfully, she found a reliever in replace of me in no time. My friends and co-workers suggested that I should consult a doctor as soon as possible before things gets worse. I told my mom and she said the same thing.

We are all convince that this dizziness and nausea might have something to do with my eyes. I am thinking that my astigmatism has come back. I was diagnosed with it the day of my fifteenth birthday. I was just given a corrective glasses which I only wore at home for only like a month or two then I totally forgot about it unil this five day dizziness hit me.

That suspicion might possibly be confirmed maybe. tomorrow when I consult to an opthalmologist. But for now, I have to endure this dizziness and headache and I feel like I want to puke again which I know nothing will come out.

I am keeping my fingers cross that nothing major is happening to me.


11 thoughts on “Something’s wrong ..

      1. No. I went to an opthalmologist cause I thought it has something to do with eyes/vision but it was perfectly normal then I was referred to an EENT cause he suspected that it might be vertigo. But EENT doctor alsi confirmed nothing but he gave me medication for ny dizziness and a b-complex vitamin I believe for the blood.

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      2. Yeah, kind’a though the curiosity wasn’t satisfed. But yes it’s a good thing I’m feelin a lot better now. My mom was pretty much convinced that it was maybe because I’ve lost a lot of weight in just a week or two. Lol


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