It’s Okay To ‘Retreat’

I just came back from attending the mass this morning and there is this thing about churches and masses that makes me feel relieved and comfortable. Whenever I come to the church it feels like I am unloading a lot in there that when I come out, I feel lighter and more at ease.

I just want to share to you guys what the priest have preached us today. It is about retreat and that word doesn’t literally imply of giving up, it could also mean to take a break, to pause or to rest. He said that it’s okay to feel tired,  may it be tired of being a spouse, being the eldest child in the family, being the breadwinner, being a parent or being tired with the people around you or with the situation that you are in. It’s okay to feel tired. There’s nothing wrong about it, we’re just humans. Being tired is a natural thing for us to feel and when this happens, it’s okay to retreat. Don’t be afraid to take a rest. He said that we should rest for two reasons: first, you should rest  because you’re done. You have finished what you have to do, you have done your part and don’t be greedy, so let the other people do their own parts too. And second, you should rest so that you can do more, so you will have the motivation and energy again to do other and more things.

Take a break just enough to replenish your tired mind, body and spirit. Do not take a break to the point of laziness that you do and achieve nothing which is the part where I am so guilty of until now. Rest just enough to charge your drained batteries.

Therefore, when times are overwhelming, it’s okay to retreat. Don’t be afraid to take a break and rest. It’s healthy to do so.


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