The Pets Are Family Too

My family wouldn’t be complete without our pets, they’re my parents added children and our added siblings. I basically grew up with dogs and/or cats around. My parents, my brothers and I, are all dog persons but we also love a lot of other animals. There were times when we didn’t have any pets, it was when my younger brother and I moved in with my parents when we moved here in the city but in my grandma’s house, we had a cat. It was because my parents has a lot on their plates, taking care of five kids and stuff, that they couldn’t look after any pets.

When my youngest brother was around 3 or 4 years old, my parents couldn’t resist the temptation of buying Pitchie, the shi tzu from our neighbor and my younger brother adopted a stray cat, since then we couldn’t live without that barkings of our dog and the meowings of the cat. But after three years, Pitchie started getting aggressive that he had actually bitten me several times, he was also biting his tail to the point that the vet has to surgically cut it. When he came home to us, he was different, he was kind of sad and isolated until I came home one day with my mom informing me that he passed away in the manner that I last saw him when I had gone to school that morning.

When Pitchie was gone, the difference was so evident. There was no wagging tails and barkings and nails scratching my pants and sometimes leaving marks of paws on my white uniform when I get home, which actually I think is one of the best part of owning a dog. In short, the house has gone lifeless and I remember every dinner, everyone complained about how our home was so different and quiet. There was that unsettling feeling that there definitely was something missing until we couldn’t take it anymore.

So, the parents came home one day with not just one but two Japanese Spitz whom we then named Francis and Francine then after just three days, jLo came. A poodle that my parents bought from our neighbor as well. My mom named her after Jennifer Lopez, her favorite actress. Since then, the house was a lot livelier and noisier, what can you expect. The kind of atmosphere that I am so used to. Also all of us has become more energetic, we just felt like revitalized from the three dogs and a cat.

When we moved apartment back in 2011, we have lost our cat, we had no idea if he ran away which was so unlikely of him or if he was stolen but my mom had adopted another stray kitten whom we called ‘miming’. According to her story, as she was standing in the curb waiting for her friend to come, the kitten just went to her, circling her feet and like rubbing his head in her legs as if he was saying ‘Please, adopt me.‘ and so she did, right in timing since we just lost our cat. Two years later, Miss Piggy came along, a guinea pig that a friend of mine had gifted to me on my 21st birthday. Then last year around May, my brother’s friend had given him a cat which was also right in timing because I really wanted a cat that is in pure black and that was when we had Midnight, which I named her after toothless, the night fury in the animation film, How To Train Your Dragon.

But unfortunately, just like any other living creatures in this planet, one cannot live forever. Sunday last week,  we lost Francis, one of our Japanese Spitz. We didn’t know the exact cause of his passing but he had an episode of seizure, I think it was Monday and since then he was different. He was so quiet, he stayed laying in the corner, he didn’t eat nor drink, he was as if he was blind, and he staggered if he attempt to stand. He then had a numerous episodes of seizures until the last episode that I witnessed on Saturday. I knew at that moment, when I watched him in the middle of a seizure that he was not gonna last long. I have even told him while caressing his head that it was okay for him to rest and I thanked him for all the lovely memories that he’d given us and that we all loved him. Sunday morning when I woke up, I entered the kitchen to get me a cup of coffee, I saw my mom in the table and our helper with their sorrowful faces, I knew then what happened. The helper informed me that Francis had passed away at 7 am, and everyone in the house were devastated.

Then just three days after, miming was gone too. Wednesday morning, our helper had been talking non-stop about how she had not seen miming since Tuesday night, we were worried a little but we thought he had just gone to the neighbors. Wednesday night, our helper was still complaining about how she had still not seen miming and my mom couldn’t take it any longer, she told my brothers to look for him. After dinner they came home and said they found him, lifeless under our neighbors’ car.

My friends came over that night and they noticed that I was so down, they asked so I told them. I was really depressed considering that I was also worried about Miss Piggy at that time even up to now because I noticed that she wasn’t eating well and  she wasn’t drinking at all. My friend even joked that she was next, I knew it was just a joke but I was actually annoyed. We just lost two of our pets and just thinking about losing another just … hurts.

I’m still keeping a close attention to Miss Piggy, she eats okay but it was her not drinking her water that really worries me. Yesterday, she drank like half of her water bottle then I woke up at noon today with her empty bottle which caused me to smile so wide but I’m still not going to put down my concern to her.

I’m thinking right now as I am typing up this post that your pets can give you so much joy and happiness and many wonderful memories but the pain of losing them is also a part of having them.


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