Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

41LaBpUJBHLI have set no expectations for this book because if you know me, I usually read crime thriller novels, young adults and yes romance and this book is not one of those though, technically, it is about relationships. My problem with humor books as to why I don’t usually lean on reading them is because most of the time I don’t get them, I just don’t understand them. I think my sense of humor isn’t really that great but I’m really glad that I gave this a try. I must admit though that it took me weeks to read this, well the latter half I just finished literally like two hours ago from typing up this post.

Modern Romance isn’t just about humor, which is actually a huge bonus, it also presents facts, analysis and statistics about how today’s romance works, which makes it like a legit study. Those things and add in to the consideration that he worked with sociologists, got involved with focus groups and made his own researches and even incorporated his own experiences that made me feel like I was reading a thesis but with a touch of comedy which I found really awesome and not really burdensome to read. Modern Romance covered everything about relationships, from how love and relationships differed and evolved from the 1950’s and the factors that ignited such changes to how it is today. He even tackled about the role of technology to love and relationships, its effects, the advantages and the disadvantages as well. He basically covered from the first acquaintance to marriage and beyond.

I can be the president of the No Boyfriend Since Birth Club meaning I have no experience at all with dating, commitments and stuff but I still found this book relatable, so how much more to people who have really experience such things. I can say that Modern Romance offers you knowledge and laughter as well. I’ll give you this quote in the book that still cracks me up until now.

“You are a lotion that moisturizes my heart. Without you, my soul has eczema.”

See what I mean by laughter? I’ve actually learned a lot from this book and I can say that while reading Modern Romance you’ll find that you’re unconsciously scrutinizing and analyzing yourself, your ways and your reasons. And you’ll even realize that you’re applying Aziz’s facts and examples to yourself.

Modern Romance is a fun and enjoyable read. Would I recommend this? Yes, of course, if you want to read something that can give you knowledge and entertainment and at the same time is very relatable. So, I’ll end this post with another quote from the book:

“Have faith in people. A person may seem just okay, but if you really invest time in the relationship, maybe they’ll be greater than you assume.”


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