Brain Dump: In A Slump

I haven’t been feeling like myself these past week or two. I don’t feel like doing anything which in return I have been so horrible with my goals for this month because unfortunately I have been struck with this sickness called being in a slump. I just couldn’t find any motivation in doing anything that I want to do, I have been feeling so sad and alone. I may even be depressed, I don’t know. What I do know is that I am feeling so down and so unmotivated which I definitely want to get over with as soon as possible because this state is no fun at all. I also have been feeling so stressed out about personal matters that it actually starts to bother me the amount of hair fall that I see in my drain every time I shower. I feel like I’m going bald in no time.

If you have read my November Goals post, I made that in the hope of making a better use of my time and somehow feel productive, that I’m actually doing something that isn’t just lying around, watching television and or plastering my face in front of my laptop all day. The first week has been hard but I barely accomplished the weekly goals which were to do at least two workouts a week and I read a book and posted a book review in time. But the second week has hit me hard, the motivation was nowhere to be found, all I want to do is stuff my face with as much food as possible, sulk in the room and cry in bed. I even didn’t have the energy to get up and get my bum out of the bed. For sure, this isn’t the first time that this happened but I just really hate this feeling  and I want to get past this.

A new week has started and I’m still in a slump, still not feeling myself, still depressed, still sad and lonely, still stressing out a lot but I’ll do my best this time to gather up all the effort that I could to at least do something good this week. My friends and I have planned a getaway this weekend, so hopefully being surrounded with my ever so bubbly and energetic friends may help me get out of this state that I am in right now.

As of this moment, my mantra is “It’s okay not to be okay.” It is a normal thing for every living human being in this planet to go through with this phase, I am assuming that if not all then most of us knows what this feels like, it all will come down to how you handle and deal with it.

I know I’ll feel better in no time.


4 thoughts on “Brain Dump: In A Slump

  1. I understand your feeling, Mac. I’m not sure of what you are exactly feeling now as if you’re looking for something in your life- its meaning, what is the real meaning of happiness blah blah blah something like that.I’m not sure. We may be in the same boat. Before my Aussie friend advised me that whenever you’re down, just do whatever you think makes you feel happy rather than cajole yourself into something else. If I may say so, it’s good that you surround yourself with your friends. Enjoy ^^


    1. The words ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ are screaming at me. I agree with you about doing something that makes me happy but sometimes even though you have thought of it over and over again, you still cannot get yourself to do it. I am that worse right now but I’m thriving. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. ^^

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