I see your pretty face
Under the tree shed
Holding a thick book
Seriously reading it

But you are with her
Her head sleeping in
Your broad shoulder
Holding your hand

You look such a sweet
And perfect couple
I walk away and left
To stop the sight of you

I see your pretty face
In my favorite bookstore
I smell that enticingly
Masculine scent of yours

When you get closer
I see your gorgeous eyes
Filled with happiness
And your apple red lips

I smiled faintly ‘cause
I know I can only love you
Secretly and silently
Dream of you


4 thoughts on “vii.

  1. Hmmm. Amazing poetry, as always, my good woman. Papatol ako uli ha. But will put qualifiers in. *ngiti*

    Author/speaker in the poem, I see you’re a fan of hanging around, unnoticed, in the wings. Might I suggest taking stock of the situation and taking action! If stupid guy is really immune to your charms and actions to “get his attention”, then he’s a moron and I suggest you moving on and along.

    Never waste a moment of your time on moronic people too blind to see your beauty.

    Also, why is this guy sooooooooooo ideal? His moronic/inability to see you cancels out his broad shoulders, red lips, et cetera. You can do so much better, girl.

    Meanwhile. Naiinis na ako. Di ko alam kung sino uupakan ko. Ikaw ba. O siya. AHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA


    Meanwhile. to Gerry —

    Red Cross has been taking in volunteers. I have enlisted several months ago. Maski want ko sa health service/med team, I didn’t qualify and was placed, instead, sa info dissemination/graphic design. I have attended, since the year began, several trainings/symposia/FGDs with DOH and other partner agencies. Very exciting, but I still want to be on the med team. Kainis.

    Get moving. Yes, now na. Owing to your health services background, I reckon they’d put you on the frontline/where the action is. Okay lab you. Balitaan mo si ako.


    1. HAHAHA Ayan ka na naman eh, giving me my daily dose of laughter. Uyyy .. haha eh kasi naman that was purely based on imagination ano. I wrote this one way back in college pa, I think one of the fist poems that I’ve ever written. If I remember correctly, I wrote this one in respond to a book I’ve read. Sobrang nainspire lang dun sa book. 😀 Ikaw naman .. nakicarried away ka. ^^

      Let’s switch na lang, can we? HAHA I don’t like to be in the frontline and considering na I have been idled for many years, I’m not really that confident na when it comes to my knowledge and skills as a nurse. It’s just been waaaay too long.


  2. Kaya nga may qualifier na ih. Speaker in the poem. May or may not be you. Ihihihihihihi.

    Alam mo namang isa sa career goals ay ang patawanin ka. Pak!

    Kow, kaya mo yaaan. Fake it till you mekkit, ika nga. Ayoko sa opis. Ayoko sa mesa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


    1. Weeeh? Haha ayan huh .. personal clown kita? 😀 Ako naman mas gusto ko ang nakaupo lang, mahaba naman paasensya ko, kaya kahit tambak ang mga papel sa lamesa keri yan, basta ba naiintindihan ko ang gagawin.


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