15 Things About Me

I have been reading blogs a lot lately and some of the posts that I really enjoy reading are about their goals for the month, agendas for the day, plans, random facts about themselves, basically, things about the lives of the bloggers. So, I thought why not share some things that you may or may not know about me. 🙂

1. I love food. Who doesn’t? I don’t mind inhaling my food to the point that my tummy feels like exploding, seriously, I won’t stop eating unless I feel full. The kind of fullness when you know your stomach have stretched out to its almost maximum capacity. I over-eat if not all the time then most of the time.

2. I enjoy listening to acoustic songs. Guitars, pianos, violins and saxophones are my ears favorites.

3. I like beaches. The sight, the feel, the smell and the sound of it relaxes me and calms me like I have no worries and problems at all.

4. I suck at memorizing names, dates, numbers, places and directions. I suck at remembering details too. I may know that someone did something bad to me but I may not remember what it was that that someone did to me. What do you think, do I have memory problems? Do I need to take some memory enhancers?

5. I am a beverage-all-the-time type of person. Coffee, tea, juice, and/or  water if I ever remember. I like sipping a drink while reading, watching, studying or just whenever possible.

6. I like singing and dancing but my voice and body aren’t made to sing and dance. So I only do that at the shower then.

7. I get hot easily. I don’t mind being bundled up and cozy than being a sweaty mess. I just cannot stand heat for long, so that can get me really irritated, so mood swings are not shocking at all.

8. I always get itchy to clean and organize everything every time I see a mess. The OC in me can never really take it.

9. It pisses me off when someone borrows my stuff and not give it back to me the way I lent it to them or at least be tidy and careful when using it.

10. I don’t know how to swim so that makes it on the list of things that I would want to learn.

11. I am a creature of habit so changes, even the littlest one, can freak the crap out of me. Big time.

12. One of the things that I find attractive about guys is a slightly hoarse, raspy voice in a sexy kind of way like the voices of Oliver James, Zac Efron, Alejandro of Boyce Avenue and Josh Groban. Just thinking about it makes me giggly. *insert a blushing face here*

13. I originally dreamed of working in an office with a blasting air conditioner because you know, I hate being hot and sweaty and I like paper works. Then I dreamed of being a chef but unfortunately I have been veered away from it even before I can explore my abilities and skills for cooking.

14. I used to be allergic to sea foods, anything that has shells on them. I would swell like a puffer fish, would feel so hot as if I’m on fever, would even turn red like a cooked crab and what I liked to do with that was to .. sleep, so when I wake up it would feel like nothing happened.

15. If you ever get confused as to what flavor to get me, you can never go wrong with chocolate, of course. If that one is out of option then double-dutch, vanilla or even strawberry will do.

There’s so much more I’d like to share but I think that’ll do for now, maybe next time then. Let me know if there’s something you’re curious about, I’d gladly answer it or if you want you can just share something about you, that’ll be really cool. 🙂


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