Time surely flies so fast, it’s that time again, our weekend coffee date.

If we were having coffee …

I’d probably complain just like any other people living here in the Philippines, about the unbearable scorching summer heat that is being aggravated by El Niño. Dang! I have blurted out such complain for countless of times already. The heat is zapping my energy, I feel tired, I’m having more trouble sleeping and I just don’t want to move and do anything for being hot and sweaty: the things that really irritates me so much. I also have found myself many times gasping for air for I felt suffocated.

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that I enjoyed hanging out with my friend last Friday, I’ve met with her at the mall to give her back the papers that I’ve helped her process and encode. Although the travel was a pain because just like what I’ve said it was super hot and I was sweating bullets when I arrived at the mall. We had lasagna for dinner for we were both craving for that at that time while we shared stories, after that we went to some stores and browsed through stuff. We then left the mall to the weekend night market near her workplace and she treated me to a juice with chunks of fresh fruits and it was divine.

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that this week I’ve rediscovered some of the things that I used to love, from music, movies to foods, styles etc. I also have develop a fascination for bullet journaling (BuJo) and any foods that are cheesy. With that, I remember that I went out last night to the supermarket to buy a bag cheesy chips. Yep, for that one bag I didn’t bother to line at the back of the super long line for the cashier.

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that as I am typing up this post, I can feel my head throbbing. My brain is in pain for too much information and too much political terms which are really dizzying as I just finished watching the Vice-Presidential debate. I have to say that it was a peaceful and professional one, I mean they weren’t causing ruckus and fighting like small children. The election is just around the corner and I must admit that until now I still haven’t decided who to vote, until then, that’s one thing to ponder about.

That’s all for now. Let’s meet up for a coffee date again next week. 🙂


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