Weekend Coffee Date

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that the last presidential debate just finished, I did intend not to watch it but the debate was too long that I still caught up the latter half of it and now my brain is throbbing. My mind has somehow made an effort to absorb the presidential candidates’ platforms and speeches and I’m glad to say that the debate helped to narrow down my bet to two. I know there’s only one vote for president as to whether who among the two will I be voting on the 9th of May, I have to say I still am unsure.

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that my friend, who is also a nurse, just got me a part-time job in her clinic. I am not going to handle patients, what I will do is to collate, interpret and encode the patients annual physical exam results. Meaning I will be sitting in a comfortable chair, facing the computer, in a cold office in an eight hour work day but I’m also allowed to have overtime if I’d like to, which is totally fine with me because it also mean extra money. I actually had started on Saturday which was yesterday and I enjoyed it, although I was a little slow at first because I got a little confused about how to interpret but once I got the hang of it, I was definitely a lot faster.

If we were having coffee …

I’d tell you that I have been thinking for quite a while my desire to change my blog’s name, which had been on my mind since last year. I am thinking of something that will still imply the same meaning as my current one.

If we were having coffee …

I’d probably ask you as to whether it’s okay or not to post my tagalog poems here as well. I’d thought about making another blog solely for my tagalog writings but I just don’t want to have the hassle having to manage another account, I can barely manage this one. So, please tell me, what do you think about it, shall I or shall I not post my tagalog writing here too?

That’s all for me this week lovelies. Feel free to tell me or share with me what you been up to this week or anything that happened to you. Let’s meet up again next week. 🙂 You all have a good week ahead.


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