Graduates in Wonderland by Jessica Pan & Rachel Kapelke-Dale

18668008I can say that this book is out of my comfort zone since if you know me, I mostly read crime-thriller books  just because I like the thrill and suspense it gives, I also read a number of young adult books. But for the hope of venturing out and exposing myself to some other new genres, I am making this small step of introducing myself to these kinds of novels as I also have an interest on memoir-like, true story, self-help books wherein I’d learn a ton of things.

Graduates in Wonderland is about two best friends, Jessica and Rachel, who have kept in touch with each other through e-mails after they graduated from Brown University and went on their separate ways to pursue their dreams. Jess flew out to Beijing, China and Rach went to New York. Each spent the next few years of their lives figuring out what they want while balancing work, study and love life.  Their e-mails from all other places like Malaysia, Australia, and Paris, composed of their stories about their lives, from finding jobs to dating guys and advises for each other’s dilemmas and everything in between.

I freaking love everything about this book. I LOVED IT! The book was written as an exchanges of e-mails between the two authors which I am a huge fan of. Two thumbs up for that! The authors stories about their lives after college are so relatable and hilarious. I am aware that I’ve had a lot of moments when as I am picturing their stories, I am also picturing mine as well. I must say this book is a MUST-READ for all college graduates and twenty-something people. You’ll really learn a lot. If I have discovered this book before, will I still be living like this now?

Maybe I’m projecting and I’m trying to get them to solve my problems for me.” – Me, every time. Every freaking time. Geez. 😦

I really admire and envy their courage in pursuing the things that they want no matter what the hurdles are. They stumbled down and made mistakes but they also found ways to stand back up on their feet again. No matter how confused they were as to whether they were doing the right things or not, they somehow made it work. Just three years after graduating from university, they have already experienced so much in life like: flying to a country wherein you cannot understand a thing and is unemployed, people laughing at your broken sentences and accents, dating different kinds of guys, working on different jobs, hitting by a car and survived, having panic attacks, falling deep in love to follow the love of your life to Malaysia and Australia. Well, with that I couldn’t help to compare myself, I am officially on my fifth year since I graduated from nursing school and my adventure book is still unmarked, clean, blank. I pity those five long years being wasted for nothing. I have even imagined myself what if I am one of them, will I do the same as they did? Will I have the same decisions as they did?

I can’t believe we’re almost twenty-five. Life moves fast. Don’t be stupid like me.” – Hits me right in the heart, I’m  turning twenty-five this year and I’m so stupid for wasting five years of my life for nothing where in that long time I could’ve gone far.

Nothing was ever accomplished by someone who sits in their apartment alone waiting for life to begin.” – Ouch! Another hundreds of arrows in my heart. So guilty. So me.

Graduates in Wonderland gave me a whirlwind of emotions. I laughed, cried, giggled, worried, disappointed, scared, this book has it all. I am literally typing this up just minutes after finishing the book, so I’m still high from all of the feels. It is very relatable and very easy to read, has a lot of humor and lessons as well. For me there was no dull moment. It was entertaining start to finish. I highly recommend this! Especially if you’re fresh out of college or just someone like me who is struggling or still trying to figure a lot of things out. This just gave me another gigantic dose of inspiration and motivation, so give this a read. 🙂

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