Listening To My Body

I have been living with a sedentary lifestyle for so long and it’s slowly showing with how my body behave. Dieting isn’t in my vocabulary, really. I love food, there is no way I can completely omit anything that I love to eat but what I have to do is to be less greedy with consuming them. I’m not really a picky eater; as long as it tastes good then I’m going to eat it, simple as that. Exercising? I do that once a while. I used to do running in the morning at least 3 times a week but nowadays, I do none of that.

I am getting really frustrated with how my body rebels. I feel so lethargic and the energy is low even during the days that I manage to have at least 8 hours of sleep. I can feel my shorts and jeans getting tighter on me. I can feel my belly pooch and muffin top bouncing even my thighs are wiggling when I walk. I get constipated more often, my skin is parched and my lips are always chapping which is why I cannot live without my lip balm. The most depressing of them all is that my face is flaring up, like crazy. My acne is at its peak, again. I’m getting really tired with dealing with these big, red, super painful zits that won’t seem to disappear.

It’s proven that one of the triggering factors of these things is the bad foods that I am putting in my body. It is not an alien thing to say that I may have the biggest sweet tooth in the planet, I crave desserts and sweet foods all the freaking’ time. May it be a piece of candy, a square of chocolate, a scoop of ice cream or a bite of cake? Sweets completes my day. After every meal there are two things I crave, it’s either a cup of tea/coffee and something sweet. But unfortunately, sugar is inflammatory. No wonder acne loves my face so much and fats are deposited in many places.

I don’t just blame sugar in all of this, meat and dairy are the culprits too. My family and I tend to consume more meat than anything else because that’s what the people here in the house loves to eat except for my mom and I, who prefer to eat fish, fruits and veggies. But with regards to white bread, butter, egg and milk, that we all love that’s for sure. I’ve noticed that whenever I consume meat and dairy for consecutive days, I feel so bloated and trips to the toilet are hard to come by then those big zits shows up crowding face. I am grumpy and very moody the whole day. I also feel that my body is heavy and I’m just plainly lazy to move, all I want to do is to sleep or just lie in bed and do nothing. Memory isn’t really that good, nothing seems to retain in this messy brain of mine.

For the days when we mainly have fish and veggies for our meals, I actually feel differently. The body is lighter; digestion is not a problem at all. The mind is a lot clearer and I tend to be more productive. The energy is high as if I am not getting tired at all and always up to do things I put my mind into. The mood is definitely so much brighter and happier.

Drinking more tea, coffee or soda than water is also a problem than I’m still working on but I’m definitely getting better at. My mom bought me a tumbler so that I can take it anywhere with me and not forget to drink it. I’ve set it to myself that I need to drink at least 4 of that tumbler throughout the day and the sense of fulfillment I feel when I do is surreal.

Another thing that I’m still working on and is nowhere near better is trying to sleep on time. If you follow me on twitter you definitely know how much I complain about my very dysfunctional sleeping pattern. Nowadays, I usually sleep at around 3 or 4 in the morning and wake up at around 1:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. Imagine how much of the day I lose to sleep? My ultimate goal with this is to get back my old sleeping habit when I go to sleep at 1o in the evening and wake up at around 7 or 7:30 in the morning. That is when I usually feel at my best.

I am feeling really guilty about how my body behaves these days, and yes body I hear you! I was a little slow but I hear you and I’m listening to you now. I cannot do massive changes all of a sudden. I plan on approaching these changes slowly but surely.



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