The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks – ČuvarAfter reading the last book that I’ve read entitled Second Life by S.J Watson which undeniably gave me an ambiguous thoughts and feelings about it, I realized I was feeling something light to read next. Something that I know will get me in some way. I was scrolling through my ebooks and Nicholas Sparks name was waving at me and I said to myself why not.

The Guardian tells a story about Julie Barenson who was widowed at the young age of twenty-five but her husband left her a letter telling her that he has gotten her a puppy, a great dane that she named Singer, for her to have as a company since she has no family and also a promise that even though he was already gone he would still always be watching over her. Now four years later, the twenty-nine year old Julie started dating as she feels like she’s ready to commit again. But who to choose? Richard Franklin who is a sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen or Mike Harris who is down to earth and happens to be her husband’s best friend?

————————————- NOTE: MAY CONTAIN SPOILER! —————————————–

For me, the beginning was a little slow but I wasn’t really greatly bothered by that. I liked the fact that the story has a dog involved in it, maybe it’s the dog-lover in me. I absolutely adored Singer, him being a Great Dane and of course his personality. I loved how Julie gradually realized her feelings for Mike. I really loved the fact that Julie and Mike has been friends for years before they even recognized their true feelings for each other. I am such a sucker for that. I really dig that. I found myself smiling and feeling so kilig with their interactions.

As for character development, I may be blinded with all the romance but I thought I didn’t see much of that. The plot and the twists, I didn’t find them shocking or new. In other words, it has been predictable. It was nothing that I haven’t read before but I didn’t mind that as it’s the details in the story that I am always interested about.

One other thing that I loved about this novel was when I discovered that this story was not entirely just romance. The first half yes it was all romance – cheesy and sweet – but the latter half was thriller. Can you believe it? If you have been a long time reader of mine, you know me and my love for thrillers. It was the part that I did not expected. I did not see that coming at all. I really felt like I was in my element while reading that part.

All in all, The Guardian is a fun and entertaining read. I enjoyed my journey reading this. Will I recommend this? Yes, especially if you’re someone who likes romance and thriller and the mixture of it, this may be a treat for you.

20 thoughts on “The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

  1. Hindi ko na binasa yung “may contain spoiler” part kasi dun palang sa una mong sinulat, naintriga na ako and gusto ko basahin hahaha. Hi Gerry!!! 😀


    1. Richard is more an A-hole. He’s a psychotic, obsessive, stalking sociopath. Waaah! Yes yes yes, Singer at the beach house, my heart was shattered into million pieces. I already knew who Singer really is since the beginning of the story. 😊

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      1. with Nicholas’ style it isn’t really hard to tell like Safe Haven’s Jo, ayt? Aaaa I miss reading his novels. I got tired of him because of the “love and tragedy go hand in hand” rhythm.


      2. Kaya nga hindi ko talaga inistraight ng basa ang mga novels niya kasi kung tutuusin same format lang talaga siya but I don’t really mind rin naman. Just like I always say, it’s the details/ story I’m always after. ☺️ May mga bago kaya siyang novels ngayon?


      3. The latest one I saw was Two by Two but I think that was released at the last quarter of 2016 pa? I’m not updated with new releases anymore 😦 You should try Colleen Hoover too if you haven’t already 🙂


      4. Ayoko rin naman magbasa ng mga on trend pa na mga books, ayoko lang mahila sa hype nila. Familiar ang name niya but I think wala pa akong nababasa na book niya. Mala Sparks ba ang books niya?

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      5. I used to read whatever is like the bestseller and mostly YA now I feel that most of it are now just cliché 😂 I won’t realy call her mala Sparks po because I think her works are better (very opinionated but yeah hehe) Very relatable and empowering. It tugs at your heartstring as well 🙂


      6. Let me know if it’s your type! 🙂 OMG THERE’S THIS ONE I’VE READ LIKE WAAAAY BACK AND IT’S SO GOOD! It’s Bloodline by Jill Jones. Idk if nabasa mo na tho hehe I’m not really into thrillers but this one istg aaaaa


    1. Oh yes! Favorite ko rin ang Safe Heaven pati ang The Choice. Siyempre I love the books more than the movies. 😄 Bet ko rin ang A Walk To Remember pero hindi ko siya binasa, pinanood ko lang. Parang di ko sure kung keri pa ng puso ko ang mga pangyayari dun. 😆 Natrauma kasi talaga ako sa Me Before You eh, grabe wasak ang katinuan at kaluluwa ko dun eh.


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