Random Thoughts: A Brain Dump

How are you all doing my friends? Hoping all is well. Honestly, I don’t really know what to say here. I’ve read quite a few posts today that it sort of propelled me to open my word document even though I have no idea what to write. I am just kind of winging this out. Well as they say if you don’t know where or how to begin, you can always start at the simplest/easiest step you can do. It may be as simple as opening a blank document. Don’t under estimate these little things because you may never know where it can lead you. Am I right?

Since it has come to this, please allow me to ramble and scribble down whatever that pops up in this chaotic mind of mine …

1. I miss writing. Oh goodness! Do you have any idea how frustrated I feel right now for not being able to write anything for so long? I miss writing proses, poems even haikus like I used to. I couldn’t help to think that the little creativity and imagination that I have has already left me. And this blog? It already seemed like I had abandoned it ages ago. I need to refocus to the goal I had when I created this blog.

2. I should start taking journaling seriously. I am convinced that I am one of those people that jotting down to paper the messes in my mind helps greatly in clearing up some space in my brain resulting to more organized thoughts and positive mood.

3. Getting back in shape is another thing that I should take seriously. I’m not saying that I should go all out to get a Victoria Secret model’s body. That’s impossible. What I mean by getting back in shape is to shed the few kilos I’ve gained from having a sedentary lifestyle. I believe I am now in my heaviest in all of my life. I don’t need a weighing scale to confirm that as I can already see and feel it in my middle section, cheeks, thighs, love handles and in the overall mood and feel of my body. We have a stationary bike, a set of dumb bells, an exercise ball and a yoga mat so I do not have any excuse now do I? But I still prefer to run though …

4. I should cook more and healthier. Thinking what to feed my family is a huge challenge in our household because my family prefers a carnivore and unhealthy diet. I couldn’t help but feel guilty whenever I constantly serve them fried, processed and even canned foods. I know I need to be sneakier and more creative to make them eat healthier.

5. I should take a break from watching Korean drama series. This has pretty much taken over my life for months now and it’s not helping me at all aside from providing me escape from the real horrors of my reality. I should get back to reading and exercising instead.

6. I love listening to OPM again. I am so happy that our music is slowly getting back at it again. The Pinoy Chart Toppers playlist on Spotify has been on repeat for me these days. I am loving the sound of OPM again.

7. I failed this year. I am more than aware of that and there’s no one to blame for this but me and my indecisiveness, pride and cowardice. There’s not one thing in my goals to achieve this year has happened. It’s another year that has been thrown away and I greatly regret it. I do not want to beat myself up for it anymore; instead I’ll focus on gaining the right motivation and exerting more effort in order to work twice or thrice as hard as I needed to so I can take one step at a time closer to my goals.

8. Growing herbs and vegetables has been lingering in my mind for quite some time now. It’s not that I use a lot of herbs when I cook; I only plan on growing peppermint for now so I can use it as tea. I already had one but it died as it was planted directly exposed to sun, now I know better. With vegetables, I want to try growing tomatoes, calamansi, spring onions and chillis. People say when you enjoy black coffee and gardening, it means that you’re old. I enjoy black coffee and I am already considering growing some veggies, does it mean I’m old? Having a garden has always been in my bucket list.

9. I meant it when I said I want to learn to play ukulele. I couldn’t start learning it for now as I don’t own a ukulele just yet but one day. Anyone who can teach me?

10. I should drink less coffee and consume tea instead as a healthier alternative. I know that my coffee drinking habit has contributed to my weight gain as I drink instant coffee mix up to four cups a day. For now, I opt for the classic black with just milk on it and I refused to drink another cuppa unless I’ve already drink two tumblers worth of water. I’m doing well on this so far, though I still crave that sugary instant coffee.

I think I should end this here for now. I didn’t know I already blabbered that much. Since this post is random and the content is random, do you have anything that you want to share? Anything at all? I don’t mind how random that is and certainly am not judging. Just share away.

17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: A Brain Dump

  1. Acknowledging our failures is one step towards reclaiming ourselves back and putting ourselves out there 🙂 I failed last year and I don’t think I have made that much progress, but a progress is a progress nonetheless. Let’s keep moving forward! 🙂

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  2. I can relate big time to #3. My heaviest and largest to date.

    You may ask Bughawblueasul of angakingimaginarygirlfriend.wordpress.com for ukulele tutorial. 🙂

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      1. Oo naman, sigurado akong matututo ka, at mamahalin mo s’ya… At ang kagandahan sa kanya eh ‘di ka n’ya iiwan sa ere, ‘di ka n’ya susukuan… hanggang matutunan mo na s’yang mahalin… Hahahahaha bili na…


      2. Natawa ako k’se ang nega agad hahahahaha, wala pa man, iniisip na natin na madidismaya tayo…

        Paano malalaman kung ‘di susubukan?
        Okay na ‘yun, kung madismaya ka man, at least wala kang “what if”…

        (‘di ako pwedeng salesman, ‘di ko mabenta ang pag-ibig sa’yo…
        ukulele pala ang usapan… )

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      3. Mas mabuti ng handa ang kaisipan at kalooban
        Para kung sakali mang hindi maganda ang kahinatnan
        Ay hindi labis na kainin ng kabiguan

        😂😂😂😂 Ako naman ang patawa ng marami. 😂😂😂😂 Ayan kasi ikaw eh. Ukulele kasi sabi ang gusto kong bilhin eh. 😛😛😛

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  3. I have a mini garden dito sa likod ng condo. Yung mga pet bottles hinahati namin ni hubby and then tanim tanim galore. Right now, yung tinanim namin na sili, kangkong (oo kang kong), bell pepper, and basil all so healthy and growing. Masaya siya. Kaya din siguro “ayaw” ko na mag blog, kasi mas masaya yung totoong buhay?


    1. Uy, inggit ako. Natry na rin namin ni mommy magpatubo ng kangkong, tumubo naman kaso ang payat ng mga tangkay at ang liliit ng mga dahon. Right now, meron kaming sili kaso hindi pa siya namumunga ulit.

      Diba nakakatuwa and maggarden. True, masaya ang real life pero ibang happiness rin naman ang nabibigay ng blog mo for sure. 😀

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      1. Agree ako dun sa kang kong, di ko gets bakit ang sexy nung tumutubo di katulad nung nasa palengke 😐 Parang garnish lang tuloy imbes na kangkong tlaga hahaha


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