Thoughts That Are Crowding My Head Lately

Hello, you beautiful creatures of this planet! How’s it going? I hope all is going well for you all. As for me, everything’s going the same. Quite stressed out on most days and relaxed on other days with Yiruma’s playlist playing in the background which greatly helps in calming me down. And since today is a day of the former, might as well dump and transcribe some of these thoughts into words in the hope that maybe it could clear out at least a little bit of space in this very crowded brain of mine. In doing so, I could use that space for the more worthwhile thoughts, yeah?

i. Should I go shorter or just go for a trim? For months now, I’m feeling a bit rebellious about my hair. For the longest time I really want to cut my hair short as in shoulder length short. The last time I’ve gotten my hair that short was when I was ten or eleven years old. I also fancy getting some bangs at the same time. I know for myself that this is me being overly ambitious because one, my hair type and texture is difficult to work with which is the reason why the hairdresser that I usually go to strongly opposed the idea of me going short. Two, short hair and bangs, it may not seem like it but in reality they are harder to maintain than long hair and I doubt myself if I have the patience for that.

ii. Less rice, please! Oh my goodness, would you believe that I can eat three plates of rice? Uhhmmm … Yeah, I do that. Oooppps! And the body is totally rebelling against me now. It’s really undeniable. My clothes are getting tighter and tighter by the day and it’s starting to low-key bother me. And my mom makes sure to inform me that every time she sees me.

iii. Don’t neglect yourself, please lady! This says my brain to me as I am again deep into being a slob. I mean if I don’t shower every day I don’t know if I would still look like a human.

iv. Let’s get the gears on your head up and running. Create. There are a number of projects or should I say hobbies that I want to do that I think can help me appease or escape from this growing anxiety inside of me. I need to do something that’ll occupy my mind aside from just being in my laptop for the whole day. Recently, I rediscovered my fascination with crocheting so why not give it a go and do it again. It’s not an expensive hobby either, for a beginner at least. I’m thinking of doing something that I can use like cell phone/laptop covers, coasters and dish cloths for starters.  I just really have to remember to buy a hook and some yarn. Seriously, do them now, Gerry.

v. Get those booties moving. Since I’ve gained weight, I also would like to take on a 30-day workout challenge. There’s a ton of videos on Youtube, thank goodness for that which makes our life a tad bit easier. I decided to try on Emi Wong’s workout videos because I’ve seen a lot of positive feedbacks of success from people who tried and diligently did her workouts which really boosted my motivation to exercise. Not gonna lie, this is going to be a hard challenge and the chances of me exercising everyday will depend on a couple of reasons so we’ll see.

vi. Can someone gift me a French press, please? I miss waking up in the morning with the aroma of roast coffee freshly brewing wafting in the air but since our coffee maker broke, I did my coffee manually in the stovetop which made me realize that a French press will do perfect for me for I am the only one who drinks black coffee in our house. I think that a French press is a cheaper than a coffee maker so that works for me.

vii. Better budgeting. I am the one who handles our budget for every day expenses and every day I am somewhat dumbfounded of how much I spend even on just food alone. Our family’s finances are a lot tighter these days because rent, bills and tuition fees are very damaging to everyone’s wallet. So in light of that I just want to make an effort to save a little bit more therefore I need to find a better budgeting strategy than just continuously letting my brothers to eat two pieces of chicken each every single time.

viii. Dress better, girl! One undeniable reason that contributes to me feeling like crap every day is that I look like crap every day. And I’m not even kidding. Dishevelled uncombed hair, worn-out clothes that have seen better years, kitty chewed-on slippers and just plainly being a sweaty mess most of the time is my every day fashion. How elegant and attractive, right? I suddenly remember Heart Evangelista in one of her videos that she dresses up and do her make-up every day and even wear heels at home just because. I’m not saying that I’ll start wearing heels at home too but at least dress better to look more like a proper lady.

ix. Stop holding yourself back! Stop feeling so guilty over little things.  Stop feeling so shy. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking as to what other people think of you and about the decisions/choices that you make.  You do you, girl! You do you.

Now let’s hustle, shall we?

12 thoughts on “Thoughts That Are Crowding My Head Lately

  1. Minsan marami talaga tayong iniisip, guilty ako sa overthinking lol! Hay naku gusto ko rin yang less rice at more movement pero paano? haha! yung less rice baka keri ko pa pero di ako makapag exercise huhu! Kayang kaya mo yang mga nasa list mo. Support ko rin yang better budgeting, bet ko rin yan. Push lang girl! 😘

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  2. i. Should I go shorter or just go for a trim? — Magpakalbo ka.

    ii. Less rice, please! — Oo, mag isang kanin ka nalang. Isang kanin ng kaldero.

    iii. Don’t neglect yourself, please lady! — Don’t neglect, always reflect.

    iv. Let’s get the gears on your head up and running. Create. — Create a baby.

    v. Get those booties moving. — Try mo din si Fitness Marshall. Pero wag na pala, kasi di naman ako pumayat nung pinanuod ko siya.

    vi. Can someone gift me a French press, please? — Ask someone to give you a French kiss nalang.

    vii. Better budgeting. — Bitter budgeting. Ampalaya nalang parati mong kainin para makamura ka.

    viii. Dress better, girl! — Panties better, girl!

    ix. Stop holding yourself back! — Paano mo hahawakan sarili mo sa likod? Sa bagay, ako minsan nagagawa ko. Gumagamit ako ng pang-kamot.

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    1. Hala! Ngayon ko lang nabasa and OMG! Ang dami ko tawa, mga paybhandred. HAHAHAHAHA You made my day! Salamat dito lalo na sa isang kanin ng kaldero, create a baby at french kiss. HAHAHAHA Naiiyak na ko sa kakatawa. 😂😂😂

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  3. Okay, now ko lang ‘to nabasa at ang una kong tanong talaga eh.. Kumusta ang less rice after this post? Hahahaha

    Naalala ko rin ‘yung kay Heart. Grabe ‘no? Parang.. ‘di ko gets bakit kelangan n’ya mag-effort ng ganun e napakaganda na n’ya???? Nakakahampaslupa feeling talaga. HAHAHA. Hay can’t wait na maging mayaman jusko napakamahal ng lifestyle na gusto ko para sa sarili ko 🤣🤣🤣


  4. Less rice? Uhhmmm … it was so-so. HAHA minsan achieve ko siya minsan hindi. Now na over na ang holiday season, nag-eeffort na ulit kasi girl, ang damit ko nagsisikipan na talaga. Oooppps.

    HAHAHA gulat nga din ako nung napanood ko yun pero naman may point rin naman siya kung bakit mas pinipili niyang mamuhay ng ganun. Life is short kay be as fabulous as you can be. Diba diba.


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