Allow me to introduce myself, I go by the name Gerry, a twenty-something-ish woman who is responsible for this blog and this is my speck of space here in the internet and blogging world.

Why Gerrytology? Well, right before I created this blog, I have already decided that I wanted this to be a personal blog, like a journal. I want this blog to represent me that’s why I thought of something that will mean like ‘my world‘ or ‘my journey‘ then the idea of journal/diary rushed to mind. Since this is going to be about me and my stories, might as well put my name on it then the words biology, sociology, psychology came to me and Eureka! I’ve decided to put the suffix -logy on it, why not right? And viola! Gerrytology was born. -logy means study, so the name literally implies the study of me which actually fits because I am a confused young adult who is struggling to know herself and is also thriving to find her place in this world. The Chronicles of Gerry really was what I first thought of but since I’m a nurse (an unemployed one), Gerrytology was what sounded right for my hearing.

As I’ve mentioned this is a personal blog, so I’ll post mainly about my thoughts, my day-to-day experiences and probably whatever that come to mind but I will also randomly post proses and poems that I’ve written.

Let’s be friends! ^^

CONTACT: Feel free to send me an email at gerrytology@gmail.com.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog… oh to be a twenty-something again for myself!!! BUT know what I do now. Of course not having a job and needing one is pretty challenging. It’s hard to get started! But you must be determined! Hang in there and keep trying, keep looking! Something, the right thing is waiting for you. Positive thoughts have real power. Hang in there.


  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to reading some great stuff from you 🙂 cheers!


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