Sun rays peeping through my window
                                                   Unto my eyes shining brightly, waking me up
                                                   Nestled in my own cozy and comfortable bed
                                                   Dead tired from yesterday’s actions
                                                   A steaming mug of coffee to fuel the body and
                                                   You beside me for companion and security

Intro to Poetry: Day 9

Sitting under the shade of a big tree
Right before my eyes, a magnificient
Vast land of green serves as a stage
For spectacular  nature performances
Air so fresh that it sings
Colorful flowers bathes under the
Warm rays of mister sun and
Dances to the sways of the wind
As it also plays with my long jet black hair

I close my eyes and absorbs the feels
I wonder how great it is to always
Wake up to this beautiful view
That not just cleanses my lungs
Satisfies my sense of sight and
Calms my mood but also
Soothes every molecule of my being

Intro to Poetry: Day 8

I was so amused when I bumped at you
Because I’m happiest when I’m with you
Making nicknames for those who bully you
Having inside jokes that I can only laugh along with you
Genuine and bubbly are the best things about you
A goofball can also be applied to you

I’d do anything to keep you
As I do not want to ever lose you
The best thing that ever happened to me is you
I believe that the Heavens sent you
Oh, it is such a pleasure meeting you
For I have found the greatest friend that is you

Intro to Poetry: Day 7

People asks me as to
What I like about you


I look forward for your tight embraces
Before I set forth to take on the world
I long for your many and sweet kisses
Before I retire for the day

I appreciate it when you’re always there
Wiping the salty tears away
Whenever sadness and anger
Engulfs me to madness

I like how your face turns sour with jealousy
Especially when I am having a laugh with a gentleman
You may be super annoying when your mood goes bitter
But for me, I find that really charming

So, what do I like about you?
Oh my word, what can I say?
You surely are my most favorite concoction
That this world has ever made

Intro to Poetry: Day 6

Eyes strained,
Ears plugged,
Fingers busy,
Mind’s focused.
That’s how absorb you are
With your portable technologies
Unaware of how it robs you
Of your time and even
Of your precious sleep

Face planted on the screens
Deaf to your surroundings
Blind to what’s happening
How much more will you
Let these gadgets
To consume from you

Intro to Poetry: Day 4

Looking at myself in the mirror
In my eyes are nothing but fear
It’s getting clearer and clearer

There I see in the blinding darkness
Eyes so red that are fathomless
Pointy claws shining with such sharpness

In that vast realm of shadow
A mocking smug as wide as the meadow
Then a thunderous laugh heard as an echo

It stares right back at me overwhelmingly
In that instant, I know that this journey
Of battling my own devils is far from end

Intro to Poetry: Day 2

Do you know when she’s unhappy?
Do you know when she’s in pain?
Do you know when she’s in too much pressure?
Do you know how much burden she carries?

Do you even know her?

Do not judge her by how she looks
do not assume things by how she acts
because you never know what’s behind
underneath when she wears that smiling mask