Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

hollow-city-400x400-imads8sybfh9wh2pThis is the second installment of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs. I’ve read the first book a month ago and I remember liking it and this second book didn’t disappoint me. It picked up where the first book left of and many things have happened then.

The first book was a story isolated in Cairnholm, Miss Peregrines’ island, and in her loop. So, it’s really interesting to read and imagine in Hollow City how the children explored the vastness of the outside world while they journey to London, the capital of peculiardom. It’s also amazing how Riggs developed the characters and their abilities. I love learning more about them as their characteristics, qualities and powers explored further.

Hollow City also brought the readers to different loops and places which I must say was one of the things that excites me while reading this. It made me look forward and wonder as to how and where they’ll enter the loops and the things in it. It also introduced the readers to more peculiar being and creatures which have fascinated me even more. It thrilled me every time a twist unraveled and I must say that the event that happened towards the end really shocked me and I actually like having that kind of reaction while reading. It just makes me think that the book is good enough to ignite such reaction.

I’ve said before that I had a hard time imagining the characters and events in the first book which wasn’t the case in the second book. The author described it well that I can imagine them happening before my eyes and was also supplemented by authentic and bizarre pictures just like the first one which made it more vivid.

Hollow City is a recommended book to read which unlike the first book, is a fast-paced story as the setting have gone wider with plenty of interesting and unexpected twists and turns. When I finished reading the book, that was when I learned that this series have a third book in the making. So until then I’ll just wish that we don’t have to wait very long until its release.