Warm Mornings

The sun peeping through her window wakes her up,  her lips then breaks into a smile as she opens her still dreamy eyes whilst her mind goes on to thinking about what is more beautiful than waking up in a comfortable bed, in a gorgeous cheery bright morning with the intoxicating smell of brewing coffee wafting in the air. And to top it all that, having your man laying beside you, looking at you with those beguiling eyes as he says “Good morning beautiful. I made you breakfast.”  then gives you a smile so charming that certainly melts your heart.

Intro to Poetry: Day 2

Do you know when she’s unhappy?
Do you know when she’s in pain?
Do you know when she’s in too much pressure?
Do you know how much burden she carries?

Do you even know her?

Do not judge her by how she looks
do not assume things by how she acts
because you never know what’s behind
underneath when she wears that smiling mask


Standing here in a vast world of blankness
A place where everything seems pointless
A place where I feel so lost and so hopeless
Because no matter where I look, I see the nothingness

Oh bless me, what should I do?
Give up? But my mind screams NO!
Oh please, tell me where to
For I, to know which way to go