Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

MissPPeculiarChildrenThis has been one of those books in which you have read the first few pages over and over again and yet you can’t seem to grasp any of it, nothing retains so you really can’t just go on reading it then you give up and try to read it again the next day. I think I have reread the first chapter plenty of times, I have no idea how many times exactly. This isn’t the first time that it happened to me, there had been quite a few books that had been like this. I don’t know it’s one of those books that just couldn’t hold my interest for long, so in the end I lose the appetite for it. I needed to really push myself to give it another chance and viola! I got hooked! Those books that have been such a pain to read at first all ended up with me not just liking it but loved it.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is about a sixteen year old boy named Jacob who thought that his life was nothing beyond boring and ordinary, or so he thought. He grew up to his grandfather’s stories about the adventures he had and the things that he had to go through in his life until one day he doubted if any of those stories was real. Then came the day his grandfather got killed or should we say murdered with something that haunted him in his dreams. His grandfather left him or rather told what seemed like a clue that brought him on an island to an abandoned orphanage and met the peculiar children and that was when his own adventure started.

The reading went pretty smoothly until the first twist hit me. I remember saying, “Ohhh, now it really got me.” pulling all of my interest and curiosity as to what will happens next. And then another twist came and I was all over it. I couldn’t shut my phone and put it down (I have this as an e-book). Though I had trouble picturing or imagining some of the events and characters, good thing there were photos which made the book even more interesting. The photos were really fascinating and I stare at it for quite some time in awe and with all interest. I wondered if the photos were real and turned out at the end of the book that all the photos were all actual and real photos from the personal archives of collectors themselves which made it even more compelling.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is a young-adult book (who wouldn’t enjoy a young-adult book once in a while, right?) is a fun and enjoyable read that can offer you fantasy and thrill. Will I recommend it? Yes, of course. I enjoyed it why wouldn’t I.  I learned that this book will be adapted into film and honestly I am not sure about that. I’ve had a fair share of disappointment for books made into movies but since this is directed by Tim Burton (who doesn’t know him?), I’ve kind of have a good expectation about it. I hope Time Burton is enough to save us all from the disappointment

This book has a sequel called Hollow City, which actually is the next book in my reading list..

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