to new beginnings, full of hope

Damn you 2020! I know most of us can agree to that. Last year was just chaos after chaos. *insert me sighing here.* I am just glad that 2020 is finally over. When a new year rolls in, there’s just something cathartic about it, liberating even from all the madness of the past year. The beauty of it is that, it gives us hope, surges of motivation and optimism for the days ahead of us. We all are feeling excited and looking forward to start anew. That’s how I feel, especially this time. Maybe because I know that I have already taken a step forward, away from that ugly, dark place that I have been idled in for so long. I don’t want to go back to that place ever again. It’s not a good place to stay in.

2020 has made me realized a lot of things. One of the huge realizations I have taken away was that it’s okay now to loosen the grip I have on the reign when it comes to my family. I was reminded that my brothers are all grown up now; our youngest is 17 years old. They may still behave and think like a child at times but they are more than capable now of being mature in dealing, handling and comprehending things and situations. That somehow lifted some weight in my shoulders, which really was a huge deal for me.

So I welcomed 2021 with a more positive, open and hopeful heart for the months and the days to come. I’m not saying that life will be easier now, I don’t think so. It’s just that my soul is feeling a lot freer. With that, I intend for 2021 to be about rediscovering and exploring more of myself, to nourish me without feeling guilty.

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